Title   Nuit blanche
Release date   2011-11-16
Country   Belgium France Luxembourg
Duration   103 mins
Quality   CAM
Views   231
Genre   Action Crime Thriller
Director   Frédéric Jardin
Creators   Frédéric Jardin Nicolas Saada Olivier Douyère
Actors   Joey Starr Julien Boisselier Serge Riaboukine Tomer Sisley

A drug heist goes wrong, as one of the drug carriers escapes after stabbing the robbers, gets a glimpse of their faces. The two masked men are actually two police officers, who decided to plan the heist. Vincent, a lieutenant who now has a bad stab wound, ends up with a huge bag of coke. The bag of coke belongs to a powerful mob boss/nightclub owner named Jose, who kidnaps Vincent's son in hopes to reclaim his property. Vincent has until the end of the night to return the stash and save his son. Written by Akumavern

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